Planting plans focus solely on soft landscaping in other words, plants. A planting plan is exactly as the name suggests, a document that visually lays out the area to be planted showing the placement, variety and quantity of plants along with any other specific characteristics.

There are two parts to a planting plan; firstly the plan itself, a 2D scale design which is viewed online showing the positions, names and quantities of the plants as well any exisiting plants and trees that will be included in the new design. In addition to this there is a full plant list which gives detailed information showing the exact names, varieties and accumulated quantities of plants. This list is particularly useful when ordering your plants from nurseries.

If requested we will also provide quotes for the supply, planting and maintenance of your plants, there is no obligation to engage us for these if you prefer to source and plant according to the plan yourself.



We use our extensive plant knowledge to assess the position of your garden, the soil type and your own personal and property style to design a planting plan that will flourish and be in keeping with your vision.


We will create a planting plan that ensures your garden looks exciting and appealing throughout the year. How you use your garden is important here, we will discuss this with you.


We’ll take into account how much gardening you like to do or have time for when creating a planting plan. Some clients love to spend time gardening but others prefer their garden to be low maintenance.



For clients who are having landscaping work in their garden, we can work together with your hard landscaper using our specific plant knowledge to create a complimentary design, giving them a plan and plant list to carry out the planting work.


We love to watch clients get back their love of gardening, taking away the risk of using plants in unsuitable soil types or positions with our bespoke planting plans.  This also removes the financial risk of losing plants incorrectly chosen or placed.


In addition to your planting plan and plant list, we will also advise you on how to care for each of your plants all year round. We can also schedule visits to teach maintenance techniques or undertake the work ourselves.

When is the best time of year to do a planting plan?

Autumn is the optimal time to start talking about how you’d like your garden to look next year. If we can visit before all the Summer growth disappears we can see what existing plants you have, their condition, age and exact variety.  We can also work from photos taken through the summer should a visit not be possible in the Autumn. 

I like the idea of planting the new area myself but what if I have questions or need some help along the way?

We will always assist where we can and don’t mind occasional follow up questions. I you would like a visit to talk things through or for us to finish off the planting if you run out of time, we would quote for the visit or work depending on your needs. 

How long does a planting plan take? What do you need to know to start?

A planting plan will usually be ready for you within three weeks of receiving payment. For local projects we will visit your garden, take measurements for the scale plan and discuss your preferred style, how you use your garden, how much you like to do yourself and assess your soil type, the position relating to the sunny/shady areas and existing plants and trees.

For remote planting plan projects that are further afield, we will ask you to fill out a questionnaire and provide us with specific photos (we’ll help you with what to provide).

How much does a planting plan cost?

This will depend on the size of your project. Some planting plans might cover a single bed or creation of a new one, other planting plans might include the whole or more than one garden.

If you would like to know more about costs, sending a photo showing as much of the area as possible to with a little information about what you would like help with will enable us to give you a quote for your planting plan. Or just give us a ring on 01483 275920 and we’ll talk through the options



Firstly, let’s talk through what you have in mind, photos help at this stage so we can give you a quote for your planting plan depending on the scale of the project. On acceptance of our quote, we’ll ask for payment before scheduling a site visit.

We’ll schedule a visit for local projects to assess the site, soil, position and talk further about your vision and knowledge when it comes to maintaining the new plants. This visit usually takes around an hour, we’ll measure up during this time and take detailed photos to use when creating your planting plan.



Within three weeks you’ll be able to view your planting plan and plant list online and have an opportunity to discuss amendments before signing the planting plan off. You’ll then receive printed versions of your plan and list in the post. We can also send this information directly to your hard landscapers or current gardeners.


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