Here at Verdis Horticultural we believe that looking after your garden is a skilled job that requires experience and a solid understanding of plants.  We are plant and horticultural specialists with a wealth of knowledge and training that make us uniquely qualified to create and care for your garden.

Verdis Horticultural look after established gardens throughout Surrey and West Sussex as well as offering local or remote planting plans. Our gardening services can be tailored to you and your gardens’ needs so you know that your garden is in safe hands.

how we can


> One off visits to tame an overgrown garden through to weekly, fortnightly, monthly horticultural visits.

> Fixed rate lawn mowing and edging.

> Specialist topiary maintenance including Box caterpillar and blight treatment programmes.

> All types of hedge cutting and shaping.

> Pruning and creative detailing of trees and shrubs.

> Planting plans from whole gardens to single beds including sourcing, planting and aftercare services.

> Remote planting plan service for gardens that are further away.

> Soft landscaping design, supply and installation.


The No Dig Approach to Gardening

Whilst we have been hibernating through the Winter months, there has been a world of industry going on under our very feet With Spring bringing...

Looking After Topiary

Today I want to talk about the different types of plant to use and the best way to look after it as you shape it into something amazing. There are...

The Mighty Hori Hori

Being a wise old gardener, well an early middle aged one anyway I am sceptical of of the new and improved gadgets and innovations that we are...

101 Of Garden Structure

 What is garden structure, I hear you say? Well, if you can imagine a garden border or bed made up with plants and flowers that are growing up and...


Succulents, also known as water storage plants, originate from hot, dry climates so, as you can imagine, they are not fans of the British...

The Dark Art of Lawn Care

Well actually it’s not that dark at all, in fact it's all about the light. There are a few simple things that grass needs to grow well, give them...

Winter Planting for Colour

Winter planting for colour in the garden can bring an otherwise dormant garden to life in the depths of winter and provide unexpectedly eye catching...

Tales from Marseille

Verdis finds itself in Marseille, historically the grittier, grainier sibling to rest of the provencal coastline of the South of France. Present day...

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“It was such a relief to find someone with true horticultural knowledge to bring my garden back to life.”

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“I’m so glad I found you, someone who really knows about plants!”



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