Gardening & Horticultural Services

Verdis Horticultural believe that looking after your garden is a skilled job that requires experience and a solid understanding of plants.  We are plant and horticultural specialists with a wealth of knowledge and training that make us uniquely qualified to create and care for your outside space.

We look after established gardens throughout Surrey as well as offering planting and design services to both homeowners and hard landscapers to bring horticultural projects to fruition.

101 Of Garden Structure – How to add year round form

Structure planting is the back bone of any planting plan or garden design, it is the thing that everything else hangs off and provides a constant in any garden.

Gardening Tips for October

As the temperatures drop away and we’re being quoted Keats at every turn, let’s spin things on their head and think of this time as the start of next years’ gardening season.


Succulents originate from hot, dry climates so as you can imagine, they are not fans of the British weather, find out more about growing succulents.

The Dark Art of Lawn Care

The dark art of lawn care. Well actually it’s not that dark at all, in fact it’s all about the light.

Winter Planting for Colour

Winter colour in your garden.

Tales from Marseille

Verdis finds itself in Marseille, historically the grittier, grainier sibling to rest of the provencal coastline of the South of France. Present day...

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“I’m so glad I found you, someone who really knows about plants!”



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