Gardens are not made, they’re grown.  They are evolving, living spaces that have the power to inspire, calm and enrich our lives.  With a some planning, experience and a little bit of patience, however large or small your garden, it can be a refuge, a place to play or entertain and an important part of your life, growing and changing as you do.

With over 20 years experience providing Surrey gardens with a wide range of garden maintenance and landscaping services with Earthscapes Ltd, we felt it was time to follow our true passion and concentrate solely on what we do best: plants.

With this in mind and a desire to deliver a top quality horticultural service, Verdis was born, serving both hard landscaping businesses and customers directly.



Passionate about both traditional and contemporary planting, Adam has a wealth of knowledge and experience after 20 years in the gardening and landscaping industry.  With Verdis he brings a top quality service to clients, giving their gardens bespoke long term care.



Jo can be found at Verdis HQ, in constant pursuit of office nirvana. Keeping the wheels turning and clients up to date every step of the way with their projects, you’ll also see her photographs alongside Adam’s words of wisdom throughout Verdis.